I’ve been in shed building mode with my dad for a week now. It’s all consuming as my house clearly is evidence of. Our patio looks like Home Depot threw up all over it with tools and wood here and there and everywhere. The last two days have been anything but productive. Why is it that it takes a day or two to build and then 5 hours to build a door?!? How is that even possible? And then the minute I get tired, mistakes start to happen and suddenly two hours turns into much more.

Fortunately the first half of last week was much more productive. It’s framed. It has a roof. It has siding. And in case you were wondering it’s not easy to put on siding next to a block wall. 11 inches. That’s the space I was working in. I never thought I was claustrophobic but it turns out I kind of am!

Life with Fingerprints: Shed building