Our beautiful fall season comes much later than most the country. And even though we have 13 trees in our yard – not one of them drops leaves like you would imagine. They’re all orange trees and although they lose some leaves here and there, we rarely have a large dropping that the kids would constitute as “playing leaves”. But our neighbors…they have more leaves than any kid could dream of.

The other day we planned on going over to play in their leaves in the front yard. By the time the kids were dressed and ready we saw the neighbor blowing the leaves and collecting them for disposal. I walked over, kids in tow, and asked if we could play in the leaves he hadn’t got to yet. He was more than happy with my request and even suggested we play in the backyard where there were even more leaves.

The kids were in leaf heaven. We built piles. Jumped in piles. Buried each other in piles. Threw piles. And to thank our kind neighbor we then threw all those leaves in the barrels which was just as fun as jumping in them.
20150117-DSC_5177 photo 20150117-DSC_5177.jpg
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Why do kids think it’s so fun to be in a yard wasted barrels??