We’ve been fighting Cannon’s eczema since he was two months old. I remember hearing constantly that his skin issue was a result of my eating habits. Which I didn’t buy. And wouldn’t you know – I stop breastfeeding him and it didn’t go away.

We have all sorts of creams, lotions, oils, body soaps as well as prescription medications. And they all work some of the time. We had it nearly cleared up and out of no where it came back in full force and we haven’t been able to fight it off since. The poor kid wakes in the middle of night screaming and when I go into his room he’s scratching at his legs or the back of his neck.

The pediatrician is hopeful that he’ll grow out of it by the time he’s two. Bennett still hasn’t grown out of it so I’m not holding my breath.
Life with Fingerprints: Dealing with baby eczema
Life with Fingerprints: Dealing with baby eczema
The hard part is we have no idea what triggers it. Is it the grass outside? Is it the strawberries he eats at lunch? Is it just the dry winter weather? Just when I think I’ve figured it out, it changes on me. So I’m counting down the days until summer pool weather because if he’s anything like Bennett the pool clears it right up.

Until then we’ll continue to rub lotion on his sandpaper legs!