It’s been a week since our friends were here and already my kids are asking when they’re coming back to visit.
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Even when we all knew our kids were going to wake us up at the crack of dawn; we stayed up late telling stories, laughing, playing games, eating treats and talking. And even when I felt like a truck had hit me on day 4 I would’ve done it for another two weeks if they were willing to stay. They’re that great. And our kids adore each other which is fun to watch.

It really was the best weekend. I could’ve never imagined 13 years ago, living together in college would have yielded such a strong bond. It’s only strengthened as we’ve married and had children. We recently lucked out when they temporarily moved 7 hours away for one short year. Before that it had been over two years since we had seen them while they lived overseas.

And now they’re moving away – far enough that a half day drive won’t even get us close to their house and it makes me a little sad. I’m grateful for the time they’ve spent traveling to and from our house this year; it’s strengthened the bond our families already had and I know it was a huge sacrifice on their part. I not-so-secretly dream of them living down the street some day. She not-so-secretly dreams to live close to family in the pacific northwest. It’s just a matter of time before my dreams come crashing down!