We have three skylights in our house and within 1 month of moving in two of them were leaking.

We had them repaired. They were good for almost a year and sure enough they started leaking. I’m not talking a little water. I’m talking water coming in the skylight, leaking through the roof, running down the trusses and puddling and then coming through our living room ceiling drywall. It’s been like this for awhile.

We had it repaired again. That lasted for 8 months and monsoon season rolled around and all the sudden we had water coming through the drywall again. The first thought is to remove them all together but they offer a lot of light. Each roofer we have is convinced they can fix it. So they patch it and then the patch dries and cracks and water comes through again. A couple weeks ago we had a bad storm and it was coming through the ceiling like never before. I called so many roofers to come and help but of course no one could make it out that day. So I watched as water continued to come in. I went into the attic to check it out and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Then a brilliant idea popped in my head. I could use sand bags and a tarp to cover the skylight to ease the amount of water coming through. But I needed sand bags asap and my kids were napping. Steve was at work and in meetings…I called in reinforcements: My brother-in-law. Not only did he go and pick up sand bags for me, but he then proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes on the roof with me as we did our best to cover the light. He deserves an award because carrying up 50lb bags on a steep slick roof (and it was still raining) was a little scary! I was so grateful. Steve was so grateful. Once we got it covered, not a drop came through the ceiling.
Life with Fingerprings: Temporarily fixing the leaky skylight

Why does this story from a few weeks ago come to mind? Because I just saw the forecast and we’re slated for rain tomorrow and it was when I saw the forecast that I was reminded that the roofer that I got a hold of to come check it out never came by. Which means my roof still has sandbags and a tarp and I’m hoping it’s enough to get us through yet another storm before someone can come in and switch them out for solar tubes. Time will tell.