We’ve been attending the Lehi Days Rodeo since we moved to the area. The grounds are less than a mile from our house – which is hard to believe because it’s not as if we live in the country! But the country is close and that was evident on Saturday. Each year, the kids have participated in the non sign-up activities like the money goat and chicken chase but this year Hallie actually did an event. Her friend signed up the night before and she needed a partner: goat dressing.
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 photo LehiDays-6125.jpg
 photo LehiDays-6128.jpg
Can’t say that I’ve ever seen this event in a real rodeo, but in our family friendly atmosphere it was present. At first Hallie’s friend was going to be the one to hold on to the goat. And then after watching a few rounds she decided she didn’t want that job, so she switched with Hallie. Hallie looked at me and said, “I’ve never touched a goat, how am I supposed to catch it?” It was a great question that she figured out by watching the other contestants. I died laughing as I watched her hop on it’s back to keep it from moving around. She has no fear.

Cannon was restless for most of it, but he was happy standing next to the fence watching the horses run by. Each time pointing with more energy and excitement.
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As afternoon rolled in it started to warm up enough that popsicles were needed.
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After our BBQ lunch, Steve took the two kids home who were ready for naps and I stayed with the two older kids until they completed the money goat. Here they are all lined up ready to chase the goats for money.
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Most of them believing they would actually get money when in all reality the odds were not in their favor. My kids walked away empty handed – but still happy…and dirty.
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