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I’ve never seen someone drool more than this boy. The best was when he drooled on a newer navy blue pillow and he woke up with a blue cheek!
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-1516.jpg
They love the dollar theater – and rubbing blue candy all over their lips!
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-1667.jpg
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-3037.jpg

 photo LifeWithFingerprints-3048.jpg
This kid was in desperate need of a haircut. The problem is, I like it a little longer and curly on him but it quickly grows out of control!
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-3024.jpg
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-3064.jpg
We love having game night with friends and these two are the best especially for strategy games. They introduced us to Acquire and we can’t get enough of it.
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-3073.jpg
I will do just about anything to avoid taking kids shopping – but if they must it is only to Home Depot – and they have car carts which is the highlight of the trip!
 photo LifeWithFingerprints-3081.jpg
This is just trouble. Bennett is smart to wear a helmet.