I had a pretty crappy morning. I got the kids off to school and as I picked up the house I came across an atrocious smell coming from the bathroom. I’ll spare the details – but a certain toddler with loose stool was doing his best to be independent in the bathroom and it all went awfully wrong. It was bad – I think it’s the worst I’ve seen and it was all done in an effort to clean up after himself. After an hour of disinfecting the bathroom I was ready to do something fun.

I was already planning on going to the paint store to pick up paint for our trim and I made the decision to buy another gallon to paint Hunter’s room. No test samples, no swatches, I just pulled the trigger. (Luckily I have seen the color in someone else’s house) It had been on my distant to-do list since the color was just not working for me. I had pulled off the baseboards to replace them and thought now was as good of time as any, and I needed a little paint therapy. (much more effective for me than retail therapy)

I cleared my afternoon (kids napping) schedule and went to work.

Goodbye English Tan.
Paint Therapy
Paint Therapy
After pics to come soon.

I’ve got to get this room back in livable condition soon, we’ve got company coming next week. I’ll need to be speedy on my trim work!