Our family eats relatively healthy. We don’t have picky eaters and they consume foods of all sorts. Our meals are made from scratch and we try and make sure we’re hitting all the major food groups. We don’t eat organic and I’m not swayed by the latest and greatest study that proves drinking milk will make your hair fall out or that rice will make you grow another toe…or whatever else we’re led to believe.

I’d say we’re average.

And then I opened the cabinet and saw that we had 5 boxes of Oreos opened at one time. Five!
 photo Oreos-6155.jpg
I am of the school of thought that you open one box, eat the entire box and then open a new one. But clearly there’s those in the family who think otherwise. Do you remember the days when Oreo had one variety?! And then just when you thought they couldn’t improve the oreo they went and made Double Stuf. They made another improvement when they pulled out the mint oreos.

Steve LOVES oreos. Preferably double stuf and he spears the filling with a fork and soaks it in milk so his hands don’t get milky! If I’m eating an Oreo, it better be mint and even then I only eat a couple a week, if that. The kids take 2 oreos (I love when kids are young and they think giving them two oreos is generous!) in their lunch every day, and as you can see they create their own variety packs!

We always buy the holiday versions (Halloween, Christmas and Spring) when we can because their festive and lets be honest, I know it’s just double stuf with food coloring, but somehow they taste better!

I’m now putting the oreos back in the closet so I can convince myself again that we’re semi-healthy eaters.