I have a love/hate relationship with spring break. I love that we do fun things. Although we’ve never actually gone anywhere for spring break, I make a conscious effort to go out and do one fun thing each day with the kids. I hate that our lazy days turn to a wrecked house with children fighting who seem rather tired for not doing a whole lot. We take the good with the bad.

This spring break was a little different than previous years because we had friends coming at the end of our break that we were really looking forward to. We had a lot of fun things planned with our them so we laid pretty low the first half of the week.

We visited McDonalds with friends – which occupied a good two hours of our day. Do I love their food…no. But I do love that they’re running and jumping around in some place other than my living room!
 photo Life with Fingerprints-3085.jpg

The next afternoon we met with friends at a city pool that opened for spring break. It was a little chilly and I thought they would make it an hour tops – we stayed for three hours and even then I was prying their little pruney hands from the tubes on the lazy river.

Each kid had their group of friends they ran around with, which made each of them happy and me even happier.
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Cannon was exploring the water. He’s really not a fan of bath time and he’s really not a fan of our pool. He stayed relatively dry the whole time we were there and only flirted with the idea of running through the splash pad. I’m hoping we can get him loving the water by the time summer rolls around.
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We had a great time, that is until this guy hit a wall and couldn’t be consoled or entertained. He was cold and grouchy and nothing I did was changing the situation. On the drive home he complained of his belly hurting and within an hour of being home he was asleep on the couch and then transferred to his bed and slept the whole night. The next day was a recovery day as he still didn’t feel well which meant he had a movie marathon Wednesday. And who can argue with that over spring break?!
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