We wanted to take the kids on a hike, but we were pretty limited due to the young ages of our kids. We hiked a short 40 minute mountain right next to ASU campus. This is extremely easy for most people, but for Bennett’s three-year-old legs it was hard and steep. As we were hiking up, he was panting and he said, “My legs are just getting stronger and stronger.” He made it to the top and as he climbed he pointed what buildings he was taller than at that point.

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We hung around Tempe Town Lake before the kids were famished and demanded food!
 photo Life with Fingerprints-6423.jpg
We regrouped at home (aka the kids went swimming and the littles went to bed) before we went out on another adventure. The kids have been begging to roast marshmallows in the desert and so we made it happen. In a short 15 minute drive we can be surrounded by beautiful rock and slightly prettier desert landscape.
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I’m not sure what it is about water but its a kid magnet. I watched as Cannon threw rock after rock into the stream and there were more than a couple times that I reached out thinking he was going in with the rock. I’m not sure how we managed, but not one kid “accidentally” fell into the water or even got their shoes wet. Success.
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Of course there were jumping photos.
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We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores and we were reminded why a camp fire with littles is not ideal. We had Cannon strapped in the stroller for the majority of the time for his own safety.
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 photo Life with Fingerprints-3089.jpg

The kids explored. They found shells. Dug holes. Climbed trees. And looked for treasures.
 photo Life with Fingerprints-6500.jpg
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They got to be kids and get dirty and it was awesome.

And as awesome as it was – it wasn’t perfect despite our beautiful surroundings.
 photo Life with Fingerprints-6463.jpg

Let me note:
Steve’s got mad skills and his inner boy scout came out as he started and nurtured the fire.

Skipping rocks is hard for kids to understand and we finally just started throwing rocks to hit certain targets.

We witnessed a family living in the moment as we watched them wrestle their dad into the water fully clothed and he retaliated in full force and they were laughing the whole time.

Jumping pictures are fun – bottom line.

The perfect mallow takes patience and none of the kids wanted to wait that long.

I’m not a fan of camping – but I could get used to “evening” camping!

It can be a lot of work creating memorable experiences but this was worth it. The kids ranked it as their favorite thing from our weekend with friends.