We seem to be in an abnormally crazy period of life right now. Between visitors, Steve’s work, school and travel, and my need to slip a project in when Steve’s not looking…we’ve got our hands full. This last week has been crazy fun and crazy tiring with Steve’s sister in town – it’s a non-stop party! So after going, going, going – we were able to enjoy a weekend of sitting and perhaps a little snoozing during General Conference. (or church in pajamas as my kids refer to it as!)

This morning we had Steve’s brother and family over for our traditional conference breakfast and our living room looked like this as we lounged around watching.
 photo General Conference-3213.jpg
 photo General Conference-3216.jpg
The little ones found quiet activities they could play during conference and we all took turns entertaining Cannon!
 photo General Conference-6805.jpg
It felt good to sit and listen. I walked away from every session of conference feeling confident and renewed in my faith and in myself and completely uplifted. It was perfect for our Easter weekend.

It was just what we needed to carry us through the next 5 weeks until a certain someone graduates. It seems like a lifetime away still!