The Easter bunny showed up on Saturday morning (before Easter Sunday) as he always does. He kindly avoided bringing candy however the kids were left with a water toy for the pool and a box of sugar cereal. Oddly enough, I’ll take a box of sugar cereal over chocolate bunnies and jelly beans any day.
 photo Easter-6765.jpg
Easter Sunday, we shared breakfast with Steve’s brother while we watched General Conference on TV. Later in the afternoon we went to the annual Pothier Easter dinner at Steve’s brother’s house. It’s not easy to create a nice atmosphere for 35 people, but my sister-in-law does it in style every year and I love it. Place settings and decorations – it matches the special nature of the day.

After we were sufficiently stuffed – we hid eggs. I was just recalling to Steve that I never remember using plastic eggs when I was growing up. Instead we colored or shrink wrapped hard boiled eggs and prayed we found them all so they didn’t rot and stink.

The amount of cousins finding eggs is dwindling and we seem to have more teenagers hiding than hunting.
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 photo Easter 2015-6816.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6821.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6835.jpg
Cannon found one egg and sat down with his surprise, completely happy and content.
 photo Easter 2015-6830.jpg
And after eggs were found, Cannon was smart enough to loot his siblings baskets.
 photo Easter 2015-6849.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6848.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6851.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6846.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6841.jpg

The evening weather was near perfect. If the mosquitos didn’t exist it might have been perfect. But the bite on my shin and foot are a gentle reminder of their annoying nature.
 photo Easter 2015-6839.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6868.jpg
 photo Easter 2015-6900.jpg

All the cousins present, young and old.
 photo Easter 2015-6879.jpg

This picture just cracks me up – my nephew enjoying our GoPro camera – can’t wait to see the videos he created!
 photo Easter 2015-6871.jpg

Before long – every egg had been opened. Candy was traded and consumed and baskets were abandoned.
 photo Easter 2015-6941.jpg

We were left with a beautiful sunset – yet another gentle reminder of Easter. He is the light.
 photo Easter 2015-6947.jpg