Just a few more pictures before we move on from Easter.

Bennett came hopping home from school one day as the cutest little bunny. He dyed eggs in class which is always fascinating to a child. Especially as they try and explain to you how the egg was white and then it wasn’t.
 photo Easter-6669.jpg
 photo Easter-6675.jpg
Cannon’s basket of empty eggs kept him busy for days. I often found him in the corner of the dining room taking out every egg one at a time and then putting every egg back in one at a time.
 photo Easter-6782.jpg
 photo Easter-6774.jpg
 photo Easter-6799.jpg
And I love that these boys have an older sister that still dresses them up and they are willing participants most of the time.
 photo Easter-3136.jpg

It’s time for Easter decor to go back in the box. Does anyone else feel like there is a holiday lull after Easter? We’re never around for 4th of July so the next decor that we put up is Halloween. The house feels somewhat naked without some seasonal decor.