Backtracking just a bit to Easter weekend. The kids had Good Friday off. I’m not sure if schools release on Good Friday everywhere but I know in Wisconsin we had it off as well. I love it. I love a long Easter weekend to spend with my family, I just wish Steve was off work to be with us!

Steve’s sister and family were in town and Good Friday was their last day. So we played hard. Basketball, tennis and games in the morning. BBQ lunch. Lounging by the pool for the afternoon. I’m pretty sure my kids were in there for 3 1/2 hours. Their little fingers and toes were as pruney as could be and their skin was getting tan. We’re early in the season to already have swimsuit tan lines!

And although I have no proof – Hunter was there. He spent the majority of the time underwater with his cousins and he remained invisible to my camera’s eye.
 photo 20150403-DSC_6690.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6733.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6730.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6728.jpg
I love this picture. All these cute girl cousins giving Mr. B all the attention he could handle. That smile!
 photo 20150403-DSC_6720.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6698.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6697.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6696.jpg
 photo 20150403-DSC_6694.jpg
I made sure to tell Steve we had an awful time – no sense rubbing in our adventures while he’s at work, right?! We did gather those that were available that evening for an adult dinner and Steve was happy to be able to attend. Dinner without kids? Yes, please – It’s a rarity and sharing it with these people makes it even better.
 photo 20150403-IMG_3207.jpg