I’m forging forward with home projects slowly but surely – hoping to get done before our warm weather is here to stay and the kids are home from school for the summer.

I’ve replaced all the trim upstairs except in Bennett’s room and hopefully I’ll get to his in the next couple weeks.

I painted Hunter’s room a couple weeks back – here’s the before:
 photo Home Improvements-6162.jpg
His beds were against the window wall and I thought it would be cool to plank the wall in wood. With my plan in place I set out to paint his room and I thought I was so smart when I realized I didn’t need to spend the time painting the soon-to-be planked wall because it would soon be covered. Sure it would look a little goofy for a little bit but it would be worth the time and paint saved.

So it looked like this and I was okay with it. I just kindly explained to the visitors staying in that room my vision!
 photo Home Improvements-3230.jpg

As I started to move the furniture back, I tried the beds on the other wall, and I liked it better. And with the beds on a different wall, that meant I wanted to plank a different wall – the wall that I spent time painting two coats of paint on!

I hate when I waste time on silly mistakes like this. I put off painting it until this week. But its done.

Since paint supplies were out, I went to town on the loft this week (or week and a half) as well.

We removed a cabinet a year ago and as you can see they had painted around it. I laughed every time someone new came to our house and they would point to the wall wondering what interior designer was helping me out. On top of that, I’ve been testing paint samples for at least two weeks.
 photo Home Improvements-3224.jpg

This room quite possibly took the longest of any room I’ve painted and it’s not that big. It was stretched over a week and a half and it seemed to drag on. But with more company arriving tonight I finished it up and moved everything back in place. And if it weren’t for the smell of paint you would never know it was on my to-do list today!