*warning: bodily fluids involved and for your sake no pictures*

I am glad that last week is officially in the books and I hope to never repeat it. Not ever.

I write about the fun things we do. The silly things my kids say. The wood projects I find fun and entertaining. And everything I’m sure seems sweet and peaceful. But let me tell you about real life last week.

My husband was in China for work and my mom came down for a few days to help me out (and we were supposed to have a little fun!)

Kid 1 comes down with a fever and cold symptoms. Kid two throws up the same night and I’m up most the night with him. My mom takes the reigns the next morning and we canceled our plans for the day. Kid 1 is still grumpy and fevering eats nothing for days. Kid 2 stops throwing up. My mom returns home and I’m on my own. Kid 2 has bowel issues and an upset stomach for three days. Eats nothing.

Kid 3 starts to feel sick but nothing comes from it (queazy by association.) Kid 1 no longer has a fever. Kid two finally wakes up with out a bodily fluid on them and I am singing praises. We are on the mend.

Next morning Kid 4 throws up walking down the stairs. Spends the whole day, sun up to sun down with their head in a bowl. Steve gets home from China. And he give me some much needed relief. Within two hours of being home, he’s emptied 3 bowls of Kid 4’s. Just before bed Kid 1 is throwing up all over the carpet. I am spent and can’t take any more and I go to bed at 8:30. That may be a normal bedtime for some, but that is so unlike me. Slept like a baby.

Next day, Kid 4 doesn’t feel well the whole day, but keeps trace amounts of food down. Kid 1 is fevering again. I’m still exhausted and convinced I’m coming down with something.

Sunday morning rolls around and I honestly thought we would make it to church as a family, but I stayed home for the first hour with the sickies. Kid 4 comes downstairs and doesn’t look great. Wants a bowl of cereal, but settles for a banana. Throws up within 10 minutes all over the bean bag chair and through the kitchen. Good thing we didn’t take him to church. Kid 1 is no longer fevering but I’m seriously feeling ill and I had to teach. Steve swapped me and I went to church.

I teach and come home and go straight to bed. Meanwhile, Steve is still dealing with serious jet lag and isn’t able to piece 4 hours of sleep together to save his life. He’s a zombie and the kids, sick and healthy just want to be near him. I went to bed early again. So did Steve but he wakes up a short while later and can’t go back to sleep, spends several hours awake in the middle of the night.

I woke up feeling much better. I thought for sure kid 4 would make it to school today, I was wrong; yet another movie day. Kid 3 came home after school with glassy eyes and complained the whole night of being hot. I sent a bucket to bed with them. I may or may not get sleep tonight.

I have seriously never experienced an illness to this extent – never has it passed through so many members of our family (all of who have received the flu-shot) and never have I had children hang on to it so long. This is the not so fun part of motherhood/fatherhood. The part I like to pretend doesn’t exist.

I’m done with throw-up mode, I want to get back into project mode or play mode or really any mode that doesn’t require me doing loads of laundry every day!