I have pictures upon pictures of what appears to be non-stop parties from the last two months. Company would walk out the door and new company would walk in the door. Clearly Arizona is a destination for beating the winter blues for most of the United States and we’ve done a lot of fun things.

It started with my dad visiting over two months ago to help me build the shed.
 photo 20150222-DSC_5843.jpg

The day my dad left, my brother and his family walked in the door and we basked in the beautiful warm weather, especially because they left a blizzard to fly here.
 photo 20150226-DSC_5978.jpg

A week and a half after they left my friend Stacey and her family came for spring break.
 photo 20150322-DSC_6509.jpg
 photo 20150321-DSC_6465.jpg

A couple days after they left, our friends from our Wisconsin days who now live in Utah came down to enjoy a warm weekend.

We used to babysit each other’s kids every Friday night, spent Christmas Eve’s together and Saturday’s at the lake. So many great memories with these guys.
 photo 20150327-IMG_3143.jpg
 photo 20150327-IMG_3144.jpg

Steve’s sister Julie and family showed up the next day to spend the week with Arizona cousins. We haven’t convinced them yet to move closer, but we’re sure trying. Our niece and her husband were also here for the week on break from school.
 photo 20150403-IMG_3207_1.jpg

Steve’s other sister, Carol Lynn came for a visit just as Julie went back home. (Sadly no pictures)

While Steve’s sister was in town, another friend from Wisconsin was here visiting her family and I got to sneak an afternoon with her and her family during her visit. She was my crafting buddy and with long winters we had a lot of time with our sewing machines and paint. I love that her family lives close because that means I see her at least once a year!
 photo 20150407-DSC_6954.jpg

The day Steve’s sister left, my mom came and kept me company while Steve was in China. Her stays are never quite long enough.
 photo 20150412-DSC_7035_1.jpg

Three days after she went home, Steve arrived from China. The next afternoon Steve’s brother and wife came from Wisconsin to spend a week with family. We snuck away with them to California for a few days which will require another post or two.
 photo 20150425-DSC_7527.jpg

Which brings us to this week. I would dare say our spring season is far busier than our holiday season and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love visitors. I love people in our house. I love staying up late catching up. I love sitting around a table of food with friends/family. I love that Arizona has perfect spring weather and entices people to make the trip.

Who’s in for visiting next year? Speak now – we book up fast!