Because I like to pretend to be a hiker (I have completed three hikes in two months and I do own a CamelBak backpack), here’s more proof.

Steve’s sister was visiting from Utah so we gathered together as sisters. We opted for a hike instead of our go-to activity: shopping and lunch. We hiked the wind caves; which is easy enough that you can talk without sounding winded, but you do need to watch your feet or you’ll trip and fall into a cactus.

It was beautiful. There were blooms along the trail with beautiful pops of color in an otherwise dry and dusty desert. I had great conversations walking next to different people up and down and I kept thinking this beats a day of group shopping any day!
 photo Hiking-3171.jpg
 photo Hiking-3176.jpg
 photo Hiking-3175.jpg
I do believe our hiking weather window is closing quickly. It may be several months before the weather cools off enough to enjoy a hike – at least for pretend hikers like myself.