I got an email today from Redbox informing me that six years ago today, I rented my first Redbox video. (I wish they would’ve reminded me what movie I rented!) Has it only been six years? Before that I walked into video stores – has it really been six years since I walked into a video store? My kids don’t even know what a video store is!

When I was in college (which really wasn’t that long ago) I worked at Hollywood Video – the now extinct video store and I couldn’t have imagined their swift destruction. At the time we were still rewinding VHS tapes (all the apartments had VHS players) although DVDS were mainstream. I pushed $4 packages of microwave popcorn with a cute graphic on them saying, “It’s movie time.” We sold boxes of candy for three times what the grocery store sold them for and we were busy all the time.

Yet when I describe that job to my kids they look at me like I have horns. A large store and the whole room was full of movies. Walls and shelves full of movies. It seems so silly to dedicate such large amounts of real estate to movies when we’ve now crammed them into a red box or better yet streaming.

Have you ever wondered how a Redbox works it’s magic? I’m always curious as to what’s going on behind that little screen when my disc suddenly pops out the side. I was walking into Walmart and the machine was being worked on. This is what’s going on behind the red curtain.
 photo 20140107-IMG_1560.jpg

So compact and so efficient. And to think, we used to place stickers on VHS tapes that said, “Be Kind, Rewind.”