Bennett’s birthday was the day we were traveling home from Catalina. The nice thing about a three year old turning four is they really have no concept of time and consequently really have no idea when their birthday is. Hallie was the only one who caught on and she willingly played along. We pretended as though the day after we returned home was his big day and he knew no different. The birthday bucket made it’s appearance. He took treats to preschool and got a special crown.
 photo 20150427-DSC_7625.jpg
We took his friend with us to lunch at the restaurant of their choosing: McDonalds.
 photo 20150427-IMG_3427.jpg
 photo 20150427-IMG_3436.jpg
He opened up presents that night: Big Hero 6, a foam plane, a book and a set of superheroes figurines. He was on cloud 9.
 photo 20150427-DSC_7665.jpg
 photo 20150427-DSC_7652.jpg

And of course the traditional growth chart pictures…I’ve got 1 picture of a normal smile and the rest are silly faces! He keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing.
 photo 20150505-DSC_7950.jpg
 photo 20150505-DSC_7955.jpg
Love this kid and all his silly shenanigans!