The forecast showed cold and rainy and yet the boys were determined to go on their campout. I begged and pleaded for them to get a hotel because I could only see this campout being miserable. But instead, we packed the car and sent them on their merry way complete with pouring rain. 15 minutes after they left I heard the garage door open. I opened the door to see the boys (including another dad and his son) removing the camping gear from the car.

It only took them a few minutes of driving to realize the campout was going to be anything but fun. They swapped out the tent for swimsuits and went to Scottsdale to stay in a hotel.

And when dads are in charge – anything goes. Like soda and chips before dinner!
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150515-IMG_1931.jpg
The spent the evening at Peter Piper Pizza and enjoyed a movie.
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150515-IMG_1938.jpg
Breakfast from McDonalds complete with grape soda – it’s what Father/sons outings are made of! Of course you can’t pump a kid full of sugar and other “goodness” and not suffer a few setbacks. According to Steve’s description – Bennett had more than a couple setbacks – otherwise known as meltdowns. It was probably just the soda talking!
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150516-IMG_1946.jpg
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150516-IMG_1947.jpg
Luckily they were still able to get their campfire!
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150516-IMG_1951.jpg
The spent the morning at the pool before packing up and coming home.
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150516-IMG_1960.jpg

They ended up canceling the whole campout shortly after Steve left for the hotel – a few families were already up there and decided to stick it out through the hail. The rain. And then the snow. And more snow. They awoke to five inches covering the ground…and their tents. Steve saw the pictures and couldn’t have been more grateful that he roughed it in the hotel.