I know Mother’s Day may not be everyone’s favorite holiday – especially those that long for the opportunity to be a mother and haven’t had the chance. But I actually quite enjoy the day. I get to celebrate my own mother, whom I adore greatly, and my mother-in-law who is equally amazing. Not to mention it’s fun for me to be celebrated twice a year (birthday and Mother’s Day). I spend most my days cleaning up messes I didn’t make. I clean and cook for little people who don’t appreciate the effort. And I swear my children have grown deaf to the sound of my voice. I echo the claim that motherhood is a thankless job.

But not on Mothers Day.

Steve does a great job of showing his appreciation every day, but he kicks it up a notch and makes sure the kids do as well on Mother’s day.

I learned Bennett thinks I’m as pretty as a frog. Hunter thinks I make the best white sauce macaroni and Hallie thinks I’m the best at building things. I was impressed with how quickly kids listened and they mimicked the phrase, “Whatever mom wants today.” Their dad planted that phrase. So we took pictures before church – because thats what I wanted to do (despite our early church time). And because we have four little kids this is what most of the shots look like.
 photo 20150510-DSC_8265.jpg
 photo 20150510-DSC_8271.jpg
 photo 20150510-DSC_8281.jpg
And we got one with everyone looking at the camera.
 photo 20150510-DSC_8258.jpg

We went to church and enjoyed a quiet afternoon with some gift giving. Steve is holding true to our tradition of Mother’s Day power tools and I’m the proud owner of a new belt sander. Pretty stoked about this thing. I’m ready to sand wood down to nothing!
 photo 20150510-IMG_3456.jpg

Dinner was provided by the family without any help from me; delicious crepes with fresh OJ. We walked the neighborhood before joining family to celebrate Steve’s mom this evening. It was a great day – I was the queen and both Steve and the kids made sure of it.

Tomorrow I can go back to being low-man on the totem pole!