I’m not sure we can really call it a graduation since he’s going back to the same school next year – but we had Bennett’s end of the year program.

He was so excited – they had been practicing their songs for weeks. He was insistent that Steve be there and asked multiple times a day to make sure dad was coming. I would catch him singing his songs at home and one song in particular had him laughing every single time. It’s called “Mama’s Soup Surprise”. I could never fully understand all they words he was singing because he would go through the song so fast and be laughing so hard. It’s a funny song; here’s the chorus:

Oh, chicken lips and lizard hips
And alligator eyes
Monkey legs and buzzard eggs
And salamander thighs
Rabbit ears and camel rears
And tasty toenail pies
Stir ’em all together
And it’s mama’s soup surprise

I would grimace and moan with each word he sang which made him sing louder and faster.
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150514-DSC_8314.jpg
He was entertaining to say the least during his program – much more animated than many of his counterparts. I wish I could say he was just excited to perform but he has that energy all day, every day!
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150514-DSC_8311.jpg
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150514-DSC_8305.jpg

Cannon, however, wasn’t amused with his performance. He should be taking notes, he’ll be up there in just a few years.
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150514-IMG_3468.jpg

Luckily, his anger wasn’t anything a roll and cookie couldn’t take care of!
Father/Sons 2015 photo 20150514-IMG_3472.jpg

The growth this little guy had this year was amazing. His teacher is loving and patient and just what he needed. Its going to be a long summer if he keeps asking when he gets to go back to school!