Tomorrow is a special day. A day that we have looked forward to for 2.5 years. A day of celebration and relief. A day of excitement and achievement.

Steve graduates.

We’ve been hanging on to a glimmer of light that we’ve seen at the end of the tunnel for a while now. But it was a long tunnel. And now he’s done. He took his last final today and he walks tomorrow. We did our happy dance when he walked through the door this afternoon but it will sink in next week when he doesn’t lock himself in the office to do homework after the kids go to bed or next Saturday morning when he doesn’t have a test to take.

This picture was taken 2.5 years ago when he left for his first day of campus and I’m gearing up to take a slew of pictures in his cap and gown tomorrow. What can I say, I’m a proud wife.
 photo 20130105-DSC_7370.jpg
Now if you’ll excuse me…it’s time to celebrate!