We’ve had several weekends of fun and playing which meant all the work around the house was catching up and we finally tackled some of it this weekend.

Steve took the boys outside and put them to work with the lawn and pool. Hunter mowed the back yard completely by himself – which includes dumping grass clippings – he’s a hard worker and loves that he gets a gatorade when he’s done.

I spent the morning in the attic. Fact: Hallie’s room is 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. Oddly enough the energy audit we paid to have done right after we moved in didn’t catch the fact that her bedroom wasn’t insulated from the attic. We spent some time in the attic two years ago and found the problem. Saturday morning I finally worked to fix the problem. Insulation between the studs and covered the wall with a reflective insulation. It won’t completely solve the problem but hoping it helps.
 photo 20150530-IMG_3558.jpg
Our playroom isn’t insulated from the garage, I thought I could get to both but with it being so hot outside, my attic time was limited. I’ll get to that wall in a year or two!

After a thorough washing from my insulation bath, Hallie and I spent our time cleaning up the garage and organizing. Fact: I have had moulding sitting on the floor of my garage since we put wood floors in 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve told myself a hundred times to move it – I even bought the wall brackets to hang the wood over a year ago – it’s no longer on my floor! We created 4 piles in the garage: Throw away, give away, return to Home Depot and return to Lowes. (It seems as though every project I ever tackle I overbuy on supplies by 25% and yet I still manage to hit up the depot at least three times during any given project!) By late afternoon, we only made it through a small portion of the garage but you would be amazed at how large some of those piles got, especially the throw away. You should’ve seen the kids excitement to go with Steve to empty the trailer at the dump – they had no idea what an experience that was. Hunter’s only response about the whole trip, “It smells really bad there. Really bad”.

While the kids and Steve cooled off in the pool I ran around making returns to clear two of the piles in the garage. After some grocery shopping and a run to target I curled up on the couch in exhaustion. It was a long (yet rewarding) day. I get why home ownership is not for everyone. I get why people get rid of all their stuff and live the minimalist life. I get why its easier to hire projects out rather than own every tool ever invented. And yet I’m happy owning this home that needs so much love from all my many tools. I just need to work better at managing it at least on a monthly basis and not annually! Get a tool out, put a tool away…repeat.

Thank heavens our day of rest followed our day of work. And even though it’s the day of rest, everyone knows parents of young children never truly rest. Church, meetings, naps, fighting, BYUtv and games – still much more relaxing than our Saturday duties. I had to make rolls for a funeral tomorrow morning. My philosophy making rolls: always double the recipe and throw cinnamon and frosting on at least half of them. Done. We had some visitors stop by and enjoy them with us.
 photo 20150601-IMG_3581.jpg
They were delicious. And as I’m typing this I just found a chunk of frosting in my hair – that’s how good they were! The best part is waking up to them tomorrow morning and enjoying them all over again. The cinnamon rolls – not the kids. 🙂

New week. New fun. Bring on the second week of summer vacation.