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I was cleaning out the laundry room last week and I came across a little folio full of old coupons and gift cards. I was throwing everything away when I came across these cards. Calling cards. I haven’t seen a calling card in years. In fact, the expiration date on these cards was in 2003. I was in college and this is what I used to call my parents each week. I remember as a freshman, one of my 4 roommates had a cell phone (she was the cool one) and she’d let me use it once in a while when she had extra minutes at the end of the month.

I tried describing to Hallie how the card was used and she was wasn’t understanding. No, it’s not a card used to buy a cell phone. You use this card from home phones to call people who don’t live in your area.

She later asked Steve if he had a home phone growing up. (We currently have a home phone for emergencies – its just never used, we always use cell phones.) He then described to her that his phone growing up had a cord that was connected to the wall so you had to use the phone only in that room.

Steve turned to me, “I’m not even in my mid-thirties and I suddenly feel old.”