I love a day to celebrate the fathers in my life. I live too far away to give my dad a big fat hug – but a Skype call is second best. He’s amazing and he comes and helps me with my building projects which has strengthened my relationship with him more than anything else. I enjoy learning from him and take advantage of our time together.

My father-in-law lives close and I was able to give him a big fat hug. He’s loving and generous in more ways than one.

And then there’s Steve. He is a great dad. I don’t talk much about him on this blog because he doesn’t particularly like me complimenting him so publicly – but he goes above and beyond. The minute he gets home from work, he’s with us – he’s present.
Father's Day photo 20150621-DSC_9182.jpg
He has made it clear that his family is his hobby. That’s how he chooses to spend his time. And I emphasize choose because it’s a deliberate choice he makes. We’ve had some stressful periods with school, work and church and yet those kids know that when dad walks in the door he’s there to wrestle, swim, bike and play games with them until he helps tuck them into bed at night. He is actively fathering.

They adore him. And he adores them.

And he is everything to me.

Father's Day photo 20150621-DSC_9200.jpg
Father's Day photo 20150621-DSC_9193.jpg

The kids showered him with homemade treasures. I showed him how much I loved him by giving him noise canceling headphones with the agreement he can’t put them on when I’m trying to talk with him!

Happy Father’s day.