Father’s day is around the corner and we’re gearing up to celebrate Steve. Here’s some easy ideas from years past that gets the kids involved that I’m sure will be recycled this year!

I think we need to recreate this picture with Cannon:
 Fathers Day Photo

The kids like to give him homemade cards and candy posters.
 photo 20140615-DSC_6437.jpg
Fathers Day Candy Poster

The kids dressed in “tie shirts” all day – and Steve had a matching one.
 photo 20090621-DSC_3399-1.jpg
 photo 20090621-Chicago June 2009 171.jpg

They fill out a questionnaire about their dad. (Download printable file) Life with Fingerprints: Father's Day Interview Fathers Day Interview These always crack me up – like Hunter saying, “Dad loves to go to…meetings.” who doesn’t love a good meeting!