Because our home sits on an old orange grove our backyard is flood irrigated. During the warm months, we are told every two weeks when to open our valve and our backyard fills with water. It’s cheap and totally inconvenient. They schedule (as a neighborhood) anytime in the 24 hours of a given day. It’s been 10:35 in the morning on a Sunday. It’s been 3:10 in the middle of night on a Wednesday. You’re told two days before the scheduled date and you just make sure you open and shut the valve at the right time. I hate it. But it’s cost effective so we do it.

Flood irrigation has two redeeming qualities: it waters the orange trees really well and it turns your background into a swimming hole that the kids love.

Last week we were lucky enough for day irrigation so the kids could play in it before it soaked into the ground.
 photo 20150526-DSC_8722.jpg
 photo 20150526-DSC_8745.jpg
 photo 20150526-DSC_8730.jpg
 photo 20150526-DSC_8710.jpg
In true kid fashion, they were covered in mud and grass from head to toe. And to think we have a perfectly clean pool they could go swimming in!