Memorial day weekend: A chance to head to the mountains and enjoy cool weather, go to bed late, wake up early and eat a lot of food with some of our favorite people! Gathering so many Pothier’s is no easy task, yet when it can be done, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

There was a summer kick-off party at the community pool that the kids enjoyed. There was nail painting, sno-cones, cotton candy and they were passing out sunglasses. These girls were in heaven!
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8490.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8505.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8508.jpg
Cannon wasn’t entirely sure what cotton candy was. In fact, none of it ever made it in his mouth. He did use it as a wand and made sure to rub it all over his head. He smelled delicious!
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8495.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8498.jpg
Bennett practiced his cannon balls in the heated pool and stopped every once in a while to enjoy his treat.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150523-DSC_8512.jpg
Hunter spent most of his time and energy at this spot. He built and re-built and had cousins by his side the whole time. It reminded me of myself, years ago visiting my grandma in Montana, I had a pretty good fort going!
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8587.jpg
We played tennis. It’s been a while since we played but it was fun to get back in it.
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Sunday we went to church.
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This picture was too cute not to post: My awesome nephew and his darling wife (we attended their wedding in NC) who are expecting their first kid.
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After church we spent time gathered in one cabin. Eating, talking and playing games. So many fun games. Steve said Sunday afternoon was by far his favorite from the whole weekend.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150602-IMG_3585.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8589.jpg
We played hide and seek throughout the whole house – Adults vs Kids/Teens. I thought for sure we would win with my amazing hiding spot…in the dryer. First of all – it’s a pretty small dryer. My brother-in-law and I were dying of laughter as I struggled to climb in. He hid right next to the dryer to make sure nobody accidentally turned it on! And even though I was the last adult to be found – we still lost to the kids.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150602-IMG_3584.jpg
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150602-IMG_3583.jpg
We gathered that night for a family fireside – minus the fire. These kids sang a song and the older half of the cousins each talked for a few minutes. It made me grateful for all the great examples my kids have to look up to – they are some great kids. Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150524-DSC_8594.jpg

It was a great weekend for lounging, meaningful conversations and to reconnect. The family as a whole is starting to change as more of the kids grow-up, go to college, go on missions, get married and start having families of their own. Seeing Rob and Kathryn pregnant put into perspective that our children will be closer to their cousin’s children rather than their cousins.

And then I saw this picture and thought – A cousin is a cousin no matter the age. And this cousin was great to watch Saturday morning cartoons with Mr. B.
Memorial Day Weekend photo 20150525-IMG_2044.jpg

Grateful for these friendships and weekends like this to spend time together.