This year we had three graduates in the family (four if you include Steve), the most we’ve had in a given year.

We had grand plans of getting all three of them together to take senior pictures but that didn’t work out how we’d hoped. Instead, I shot 2 of the 3 seniors and my sister-in-law shot the third (her son). It’s been a while since I’ve actually done photography for paying clients and I always warn friends/family that they get what they pay for and no one seems to mind.

Allie is beautiful and fun and her eyes sparkle. She is low-maintenance and was easy going as far as location and posing. She made my job easy.
Senior Photos photo 20150417-DSC_7308-Edit.jpg
Senior Photos photo 20150417-DSC_7254-Edit.jpg
Senior Photos photo 20150417-DSC_7155-Edit.jpg
Smith is the typical senior boy client who couldn’t care less – he’s there to please his mother and get one good shot for his graduation announcements. He’s funny and sarcastic and gave all sorts of goofy looks – very similar to his brother two years ago!
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7912.jpg
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7822.jpg
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7863.jpg
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7899.jpg
Luckily in between the fun we got great shots for the announcements and to please his mother.
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7903-Edit-Edit.jpg
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7871.jpg

And oddly enough – without any planning or communication – we ran into my other graduating nephew on his senior photo shoot. Fun coincidence.
Senior Photos photo 20150503-DSC_7849.jpg