Sunday evening we often spend visiting with family. When we’re not visiting family we like to go for walks. We usually plan on walking the neighborhood “loop” but we end up stopping to talk to at least three neighbors who happen to be outside with their families as well. Sometimes we make it two houses before we stop to chat – few times we make it a little bit farther.

During the winter months this is a great idea. Everyone is out enjoying the weather with their families. We’re now in June and it’s hot, even at 7 o’clock at night and there’s no one to be seen – but its still nice to get out with our family and walk the block. Steve pulls the wagon with these two in tow. And the other kids keep wondering when we’re going to see another family outside. Hibernation has set in – we’ll see everyone again in the fall!
 photo 20150517-IMG_3506.jpg