Hunter excitedly ran in the house the other day, “It’s raining can we go jump on the trampoline?” The sun was shining, yet rain was falling from what appeared to be the only cloud situated strategically over our yard!

Bennett heard the excitement in Hunter’s voice and didn’t even hear what he asked and shouted, “I want to go too.”

So they jumped. I sat on the porch watching the rain fall making ripples in the pool. I heard shouting from the trampoline, “Can we swim in the rain?” Why not.

 photo 20150605-DSC_8806.jpg
So they jumped in.
 photo 20150605-DSC_8822.jpg
They giggled as they stood with their arms stretched out trying to catch the drops before they made ripples around them, they stuck out their tongues for a little refreshment. I heard, “this is awesome!” more than a couple times. And it really was awesome.
 photo 20150605-DSC_8812.jpg
 photo 20150605-DSC_8819.jpg
As soon as we get our skylight fixed I will happily say, “Bring on Monsoon Season!”