People often wonder what its like marrying into a large family – its loud!
Family Reunion Games: Three Deep
One game we always play when we’re all together is “three deep” and it’s the loudest of loud games. We played it over Memorial Day weekend and I came across this video footage of us playing. It makes me laugh because it’s full of chaos and screaming and laughing.

Here’s how you play:

There’s a little prep work for this game; someone types up multiple categories and each category has three related subjects. (We usually have several extra categories so after playing a couple rounds you can retire one category and add a new one.) Everyone gets a slip of paper that has two “counterparts” you have to find. For instance, if you have the word “red” on your paper, you are most likely looking to match up with people who also have colors. If you get a paper that says “Strawberry,” you are probably looking for other people with fruit.

Before you start looking for your partners, you “mingle” with everyone to switch the papers all up. Then someone yells “go!” and you take your little paper and yell out what you have until you find three things that go together.

Once you find each other you sit down “three-deep” according to the letter on your paper (“B,” “M,” or “T” which stand for “bottom,” “middle,” or “top.”)

Last group to get seated is out and you remove the category and play another round. The group gets smaller and smaller until you one group standing.

This is what marrying into a big family looks like.