Before we talk about Steve’s birthday tomorrow – I’ll address my *half* birthday – which is celebrated as if it’s my real birthday. (My birthday is around the holidays along with our anniversary and it became too stressful for Steve, my half birthday has become far more enjoyable to receive gifts and for Steve to give gifts!)

My half birthday was while we were gone, and I came home to a fully decorated kitchen and presents. Steve is awesome.
 photo 20150720-DSC_0234.jpg

We didn’t actually open the presents until two days after we got home – we like to stretch birthdays out around here – and we were busy with family gatherings. And it was killing the kids to see those presents sitting there not being opened. I’m actually surprised that Cannon didn’t open one with all the time he sat at the table playing with them.
 photo 20150720-DSC_0247.jpg
Just for a glimpse of real life – this picture was taken just after breakfast one morning. There was milk spilled on the table and Cannon is just outside this shot with just a diaper on screaming at the top of his lungs. Steve was laughing while he took this picture, “It’s a good thing this is a photo and not video!” Such is real life!

Steve is a smart and resourceful man. I’m not sure if anyone is like me but I have pages and pages of my Amazon cart. Anytime someone mentions a product I want to check out or I come across something interesting, I add it to my cart so I can take a look at it later and then Amazon lets me know when the price goes up and down. Steve got into my Amazon account and sorted through my cart and shopped it for my birthday. It was a complete surprise to me – love him for that. Not to mention the Home Depot gift card which I will never turn down and it always gets put to good use!

 photo 20150720-DSC_0249.jpg
 photo 20150720-DSC_0254.jpg
It was a lovely morning. And although I fully planned to share the cotton candy with the kids, I selfishly snuck a little bit at a time and before long the whole bag was gone. When Hallie saw the empty bag she was convinced Hunter had eaten it and she was quick to point fingers. I finally confessed to eating it myself and she looked at my with eyes of betrayal. “You ate the whole bag by yourself?” Why yes I did. It’s my birthday and I’ll eat cotton candy if I want to.