Our friend suggested we start a dinner group: An evening where we cook something new as a group and enjoy the meal together. She suggested the first meal; fresh spring rolls and sukiyaki. I had no clue what sukiyaki even was. Her brother had served a mission in Japan and had come home and taught the family how to make it – she was passing on the knowledge to us.

She sent out food assignments as to what we needed to bring. I probably called her three times asking her questions about my assignments. How big should I cut the celery? Is the special type of cabbage really needed? Do you want me to cook a whole pack of noodles or will a half pack do?

I was a little concerned prepping my items thinking I should probably eat something before hand because I couldn’t imagine a decent meal coming out of the things I was cutting up!

But the meal did not disappoint.
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The spring rolls were delicious – angel noodles, red peppers, mango, carrots, mint, topped with a peanut sauce wrapped in rice paper. Never would I have thrown those foods together, but it worked well.

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The main course was enjoyable – very Melting Pot-ish. A wide variety of veggies, chicken, noodles and tofu cook at the table in a teriyaki sauce. You then spoon out the items you wish to eat and serve it over rice. I was a fan of everything but the tofu. Just not my thing!

I’m pretty sure I was stuffed after multiple spring rolls – but I made room for the sukiyaki and I’m glad I did. It was tasty – I love teriyaki sauce! I was happy to see there were leftovers which I enjoyed for a few days later.

Our first dinner group left the expectations a little high for the future. I’m not sure what we’ll be cooking next – but even if the dinner falls short, the company will still be great!