Happy Birthday to my better half. The man who gets up early with the kids so I don’t have to. The man that always caves when the kids ask for one more song before bed. The man who is constantly looking to serve others. The man who recognizes people that are hurting and struggling. The man with the contagious laugh. The man who doesn’t believe that anyone should have to work on their birthday…yet went to work today because things had to get done. The man who gets cards like this from his co-workers working in a pet friendly environment:
 photo image002.jpg

Although plans of an evening at the lake were high on our priority list – we just couldn’t pull it off with his work schedule – so we’re post-poning that fun until the weekend. We like to stretch birthdays out! The kids decorated the kitchen with the birthday bucket and Steve requested spicy chicken avocado enchiladas for dinner and our friend who is wifeless this week joined for the fun.
 photo 20150727-DSC_0402.jpg
 photo 20150727-DSC_0408.jpg
 photo 20150727-DSC_0411.jpg
Steve busted out his new spikeball game (that my brother introduced to us in Idaho) in the living room just to break it in. The weather will need to cool before we will want to play outside. Between spikeball and his new ladder ball game we are ready for backyard lawn entertainment…in three months!

Having the oven on for the enchiladas was torture enough – we skipped baking a cake and instead had rootbeer floats.
 photo 20150727-DSC_0418.jpg

He’s older and wiser and I love him so.