Irrigation football is a blast from Steve’s childhood. We irrigate our yard but it’s not great for football – our yard’s not huge and it isn’t very deep. Steve’s parents home however is the perfect setting for a rousing game of irrigation football.

We went over one Saturday afternoon after they irrigated and had a grand time. Steve was a kid again. Tackling for the ball – throwing long bombs, making the kids dive for a catch.

Hunter was all in. He wanted to get wet and he wanted to fight to get the ball. He won most the balls he went for. We finally told him to lay off just a little bit so others had a chance to jump on the ball!

Steve had the GoPro strapped to his chest and I loved hearing his giggle as he watched the kids dive for the balls. He was living his childhood all over again.

By the end they were covered in grass. In their swimsuits, in their hair and everywhere in between.

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