One week after we bought our house our skylight started leaking. (It’s hard to believe those seller home reports when they say there’s no known leaking – yet the drywall clearly had severe water damage that the inspection pointed out!)

We’ve had our fair share of problems with it – many refuse to even put skylights in because how hard it is to keep them sealed.

Earlier this year we had serious leaking and I was panicking as I saw it dripping down through our ceiling drywall. That’s when I came up with the brilliant solution of a tarp, sandbags and 2x4s. It was a creative solution only to get us by until someone could really come fix it. And wouldn’t you know it I called multiple roofers to come take a look and not one followed through with his promise to come check it out or even call me back.

And then we kind of pushed it out of our minds because we had temporarily stopped the leaking. Multiple rainstorms and we were dry as a bone. It bought us another four months! But monsoon season can be brutal and we don’t want to stress or worry about it any longer.

The day after we got back from Idaho we had the skylight replaced (one of the three that we have).

I banned the kids from the living room and watched as things slowly fell from above.
 photo Life with Fingerprints-0222.jpg

 photo Life with Fingerprints-0227_1.jpg
We are promised that we will have at least 10 years of a leak-free skylight. I’ve got a feeling now that we have a handle on this one, one of the other two will start leaking!

Could Steve have possibly been right when he labeled this house the money pit from the start??!