We had an old shed in the corner of our yard. We never liked the placement of this shed, it didn’t function how we needed it to and it needed some serious TLC. I opted to build a new shed with the help of my dad which meant the old shed was rendered useless. Steve was on a yard work kick several weeks back and he was ready to rip down the eyesore we called a shed. We always planned on tearing it down and scrapping it but once it was time to do it, I couldn’t do it. I was sure it still had plenty of life left – just not in our yard.

I posted it on craigslist and I had a couple people interested. One guy was ready to hand over some cash he just needed us to move it. I laughed at him because I figured the only way the shed would leave our yard would be dismantled and if I was dismantling it I didn’t want to take the time to make sure it could be put back together again!

Another guy showed up with a trailer – thinking he could just pick it up and put it on the trailer that day. I laughed at him to – its a big, heavy shed. But he was determined. He paid me the money and told me he would come back a few days later.

He came back prepared for a battle.
Shed photo 20150622-DSC_9219.jpg
He worked and worked to move this shed.
Shed photo 20150622-DSC_9221.jpg
He had a jack, he set up a roller system with heavy piping to roll it, he jacked it up again, he rolled. It was a process. He had to remove our large fence.
Shed photo 20150622-DSC_9222.jpg
Even after he moved it a significant amount I thought there was no way he would actually get it on the trailer.
Shed photo 20150622-DSC_9224.jpg
He proved me wrong – he was determined and it paid off.

Now I’m looking at the empty corner in our yard and think it’s about time we pull out the shovels to start digging a hole for the trampoline!