This little guy gave me a run for my money today.
 photo Life with Fingerprints-8909.jpg
No, this picture wasn’t from today – it’s from the archives. Today’s picture would’ve shown him crying for the majority of the day. Whining when anyone went near him. Screaming when he received the milk that he just asked for. The “wrong side of the bed” would describe his day.

After tucking him into bed after an exhausting day, I sat down and found myself scrolling through old videos. There were videos of all the kids – some from vacation, their baby days, throwing fits, laughing uncontrollably – I scrolled for a while amazed at how young their little personalities came shining out of their miniature bodies.

I’m attached to my photo camera – it goes everywhere with me and I love the photos I capture. But I’m often only shooting when I’m in a good mood or when we’re doing something fun or their doing something cute. It’s fairly one dimensional.

But watching old videos gives so much more of their personalities and what life is really like. There’s no picture-perfect homes in videos. Counters are cluttered, toy rooms are messy, dishes are dirty in the sink, clothing is stained. It’s all captured on video. For good and bad!

More than anything the videos reminded me that a day like today is just that; a day. I saw multiple videos of Bennett in the exact same stage – throwing the same fits, screaming the same screams. I laughed tonight at the videos of Bennett from years ago – and I’m sure if I would’ve recorded Cannon today, I would laugh years from now as well.

I learned two things tonight: Perspective is always good and I need record more!