My family loves to gather – many of us don’t live close so we try to get everyone together once a year. Each year it seems to be in a new place – finding an affordable six bedroom home isn’t easy. We found a great place in St. George this year. I’m sure it was affordable because not many want to travel to triple digit temperatures in the heat of the summer. Luckily they had a pool so we convinced everyone to brave the heat.

The house had everything we needed for a few days of entertainment – a pool (very well used by everyone but especially the kids), a theater room, basketball courts and tennis courts. We were only there for three nights but we could’ve stayed much longer.

We swam and played games during the day and once the sun dropped and the temperature dipped into the 90’s (and the kids were tucked away in bed) we played tennis and spike ball until our bodies ached and we couldn’t keep our eyes open.

4th of July photo 20150626-DSC_9390.jpg
4th of July photo 20150626-DSC_9441.jpg
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4th of July photo 20150626-DSC_9408.jpg

My brother brought his Snowie machine – son-cones were on tap all day every day.

4th of July photo 20150626-DSC_9420.jpg
4th of July photo 20150626-DSC_9415.jpg

The kids/families were asked to perform a talent for the family talent show. We thought we were being so creative by coming up with an Alvin and Chipmunks lipsync.
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9580.jpg
You can imagine our shock when my brother’s family came with a similar lip-sync (although lacking our clever costumes!)

The girl cousins came up with a very intense dance/gymnastic routine to “Its a hard knock life”.

My nephew shot this target out of the air with his bow – notice his accuracy. He’s crazy good and he’s five.
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9590.jpg

There was a puppet show and an exercise show as well. Everyone walked away a winner with a prize. This was the first year for a family talent show and it will be returning for future reunions.

We had plenty of unstructured time. Everyone could put their kids down for naps or bed and still enjoy all the fun going on. Some people slept in – others stayed up late. The women’s world cup was often on the tv in the background while games were played.

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Nobody wanted it to end!