We did leave the house one day for a quick excursion to the St. George Temple. It was hot – so we stayed in the air conditioned visitors center for as long as we could. The temple is the brightest white I’ve seen and I learned it’s painted with a bright white epoxy (the paint has an 18 year warranty).

I love it’s history and it’s beauty.

4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9568_1.jpg
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9565.jpg
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9461.jpg

We braved the heat for just enough time to capture a few group shots in the shade. Even then there were grumbles from many in the group – notice the red flush faces!
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9543.jpg
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9551.jpg
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9517.jpg
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9538.jpg
We made sure to hit up the popular joint, “Swig” to pick up some drinks. Cannon became very possessive of my strawberry limeade. He was a thirsty boy!

4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9570.jpg
4th of July photo 20150627-DSC_9574.jpg

Our time together is never long enough. Cousins don’t want to say good bye. No one wants midnight spikeball or late night conversations to end.

The house was great. It was everything we could’ve asked for and more (although the heat might have been a little bit much for some of the crowd!) Hopefully we’ll make it back there someday. Until then we’ll hold on to the memories.