Our trip to the mechanic was supposed to be short and sweet – a simple tune-up (even then I tried to find a place for my kids to play during it but came up short). It was hot and there wasn’t a waiting room. We found the only shade in sight and got situated. Our 20 minute visit turned into an hour turned into 2 1/2 hours. We were all hot. And although the morning as a whole was not what I was hoping for – and hope to never have to repeat – there were a couple of wins. The iPad videos weren’t working which meant the default “watch a movie” wasn’t an option.
 photo 20150618-IMG_3662.jpg
Hunter went right to work collecting “treasures” and building stuff. At first he was the only one interested, but once the others saw all the trinkets he was finding, they all started searching. Another win – the mechanic also happens to service a doughnut truck. The man showed mercy on these kids and gave them a box of doughnuts to help pass the time. Thank you doughnut man. We were prepared with water – but a treat was even better.
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