We’ve been on the road for almost a month (Steve joined us when he could). Reunions. Time with family. Time with friends. Beautiful scenery. Long car rides with tired kids. Late nights.

It was finally time to say goodbye to Idaho and this was my parting sunset. It was as if Idaho was begging me to stay longer and enjoy the beauty just a few more days.
 photo Life with Fingerprints-0180.jpg
In fact I tried ignoring this beautiful goodbye sunset. I was out walking with my mom the last night we were there and I saw this beautiful cotton candy sunset and was trying to live in the moment and decided not to bring my camera to take a picture. Yet with each step it became more beautiful and vibrant – as if taunting me and my efforts to be in the moment.

My mom said more than once we could turn around and grab the camera but I wasn’t going to cave that easy…or maybe I did. We had walked to the neighborhood behind my parents house and I ran up the hill to grab the camera for just a quick shot before putting it back down and running down the hill to be with my mom again. I’m glad I captured it. I usually come home from a summer in Idaho with picture after picture of beautiful sunsets, but this is the only one I captured this year. And its even sweeter because its my goodbye sunset.

As hard as it is to leave vacation world, it’s also good to be home. Although I think I might claim tomorrow a vacation day as well – that 17 hour drive is exhausting and I’m not ready to face laundry, grocery shopping or any of the other stacks of things I should attend to. Nope. Tuesday I’ll get to it. Or Wednesday. I bet it will still be there waiting for me on Thursday as well. Decisions. Decisions.