Today at church we were asked if anyone had good news they wanted to share. I excitedly raised my hand and shared that school was starting this week (Wednesday) and I was really excited. I’m sure I got side looks from a few who wish that summer never ended and that they never had to send their children away. I’m not in that category. My kids love school and I love them in school. The schedules, routines and everything about it makes me happy. I know much of it has to do with my stage of life and maybe one day I’ll profess my disdain for school starting.

But not this year. Every kid is counting down and and a few seem ready to explode in anticipation. The table is scattered with new school supplies. We made sure to grab all the final supplies this weekend and the kids showed their individual styles for sure. Hallie chose a fun navy/teal binder with a front sleeve she can slide pictures in with two fancy glitter spiral notebooks. Hunter chose a Star Wars notebook that is sure to make him smarter! They are ready.

Bennett meets his teacher tomorrow for preschool and knows what to expect because he went to her last year and all he’s talking about is the cookie she will be giving him tomorrow morning.

We’ve had our final summer swim parties – but who are are kidding, it’s still 110 degrees, our swim season is far from over but “summer” swimming is now behind us.
 photo 20150807-DSC_0546.jpg

We’re officially trading swimsuits for backpacks and otter pops for Go-Gurts. Bring it on.