**Warning: Bloody Images Ahead**

Cannon woke from his nap the other day unusually. He typically starts talking and babbling and then cries to get out. But this time he went from sleeping to crying without anything in-between. It was early for him to be waking up and I thought he might calm back down. Within a minute, I could tell his cry was anything but casual and I quickly went in to comfort him.

I found him with his face covered in blood and yet I had no reference as to where it was coming from.
 photo 20150723-IMG_3849.jpg
I quickly got him to the bathroom where I started to examine him. I looked for cuts on his head and in his mouth and I couldn’t find anything. I bathed him, washing blood from his hair and face and I found nothing.
 photo 20150723-IMG_3855.jpg
After washing his face, I could see a dribble coming down from his nose and realized he had a bloody nose. It had slowed to a crawl. The minute he got angry with me scrubbing his hair, he started to scream and cry and the blood came gushing out again in absurd amounts. The bath water turned from a light pink to a dark pink and had to be drained and refilled.

After I got him cleaned up and the blood stopped. I started washing out what seemed like endless amounts of blood from clothing, sheets and blankets. When I saw the crib, I could see the pool of blood that his head laid in while he was sleeping. It looked like a crime scene!
 photo 20150723-IMG_3850.jpg

I’m still curious as to the cause. We have experienced some serious dry heat which can easily be the culprit – but it was bizarre that it happened during his nap. A few more times that afternoon I found blood coming from his nose – and after that there was nothing but a slew of great pictures to show dad when he got home from work!

Motherhood: Never a dull moment.