Our trip to Idaho this summer was everything the kids had dreamed it would be. And they had been dreaming about it since Christmas. “I can’t wait to go to Idaho.” “Do you think we can do ___ when we go to Idaho?” “How many weeks until we go to Idaho?” They’ve got Idaho in their blood and it makes me happy.

We were pretty laid back this year – but even laid back in Idaho is amazing! I met up with a few friends. We played outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather and played with cousins.

The kids can never get enough of my brother’s property. In Hallie’s words, “Lexi is so lucky to live here!” I would agree – it’s a kid’s paradise.

They’ve got animals galore. Some welcome – some not so welcome. Like the snake they found while we were there. The kids thought Uncle Derrick was pretty cool holding that snake, none of them wanted to take a turn holding it!

 photo 20150705-DSC_9902.jpg
 photo 20150705-DSC_9904.jpg

My brother and my dad were good sports and took the kids on ride after ride on the ATV and motorcycle. Hunter’s convinced he wants a motorcycle for his birthday.
 photo 20150705-DSC_9928.jpg

Another night we were there my dad was teaching him how to shoot a bow and arrow. He’s now convinced he needs one of those for his birthday as well. My logic of us living in a city and not being able to shoot that in our backyard didn’t make sense to him.
 photo 20150714-DSC_0140.jpg

We had a post-Independence day celebration – you can never have enough fireworks and the Fourth of July is never quite long enough for me anyway!

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When they weren’t exploring my brother’s farm – they were exploring Idaho which was equally as fun.

My dad took them to the hills to find treasures.

He also took Hunter fishing, which happens to be Hunter’s only fishing experience each year and I love it that way! I don’t particularly enjoy the smell…or the process of fishing so going with Grandpa and Uncle is the best fishing trip!
 photo 20150803-IMG_3875.jpg

We explored the skate park more than a couple times and this was our only casualty. When we cleaned away all the blood we couldn’t even find a scratch producing blood. We’re convinced he fell on a ketchup packet! He would argue otherwise but even he couldn’t figure out where the blood came from!
 photo 20150715-DSC_0156.jpg

To be continued…