Before school started a friend invited us out on his boat. We made the mistake of telling the kids at the beginning of the day that we would be going to the lake and then regretted it every minute after the afternoon monsoon rolled in. They wanted to go so bad and were so looking forward to it that the rain was a devastating sight. I thought for sure our evening lake trip would be cancelled. But our friend was ready and willing to go. The rain had become intermittent and there was a chance it might not rain the rest of the night.

It rained the whole drive to the lake (and yet no lightning) and then let up once we got the boat in the water.
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Steve wakeboarded with the kids and then the massive tube was blown up. Kids love tubes. They get whipped around to near falling off and they laugh the whole time. I loved tubing as a kid – now knowing how bad it hurts when you get thrown off makes it not worth it!
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At one point, it started raining while the kids were on the tube. I could see they were getting pelted with the rain, trying their best to shield their eyes. So I suggested we stop the boat for a bit and let the kids swim around. Once we got the kids pulled in Hallie asked, “Wait, why are we stopping?” I told her she looked miserable out there and it was time for a break. She insisted that it was so much fun and she was not wanting a break. Funny kid.

Speaking of funny kids:
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He was having a hard time maneuvering around the boat in his life jacket. It seemed to throw off his balance and more than a few times I found him on the floor of the boat unable to roll over. He just laid there without making any noise, waiting for someone to notice him and pull him up.
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The tube, the rain, a bag of licorice and box of wheat thins…we had a great time.
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